This. is Otto Fredriksson

Training, webb dev, programming etc.

Training has always been an important day to day activity for me. Tennis and gym have been my two favorites. I like playing tennis on my own but the really fun part for me is coaching. I had the privilege to coach tennis at Lomma Tennisförening in four years, which recently ended when I moved to Lund to study Informatics.

I started doing websites pretty early, about 15 years old. My first real web project was a Joomla website, (fast computer). I did the website in Joomla and my father wrote the texts. My second project was a blog,, where I wrote blog posts about PC/web stuff. My third big own project was an e-commerce, www.Hå (hair wax). The project started as a blog where I tried out SEO, search engine optimization. My goal was to reach number 1 in the Google rank when people googled "Hårvax" (hair wax). I succeeded for a while. When I turned 18, I relaunched the website to a webshop, started my own company and started to sell hair products for men.

My next project was an android/IOS app called "Körkortstuben", started by me and my dear friend Didrik Ekstrand. The idea was to record tutorials on how to drive.

During the years, I've gotten familiar with different programming languages and stuff. Read more about this here.

Most of my previous projects have been shut down after moving on with new ideas. My main goal in life has always been about being a successful entrepreneur. I have learned a lot of lessons when trying out some of my ideas, which hopefully will be a good asset for me in the future