Github - me & code

Me+Code - What I do

Here are some programming languages I'm familiar with, favorite IDE's etc..

♥ Visual Studio 2015 - for C# development

♥ Visual Studio Code - for React & Javascript development

♥ Sublime Text 3 - for webb development

♥ C#

♥ Java

♥ Processing



♥ JavaScript

♥ ReactJS


♥ WordPress

Awesome Grid - A bachelor project @Tretton37

A bachelor project @Tretton37 by:

Douglas Erol Nilsson
Henrik Månsson
Lukas Hedqvist
Otto Fredriksson

A Calculator - Responsive & GUI in mind

I wrote this calculator in C#. It has support for the usual calc functions like: addition subtraction multiplication multiplication division, but even modulo and power.

The calculator supports decimals.

When pressing CL, everything clears. CE works like Back Space on your key board.

LazerTap - a processing project

This project was made in a group of four during my semester at UTS, University of Technology Sydney in the course, Interactive media. The project members was Luke Symes, Douglas Nilsson Arslan, Jeremy Rosart-Brodnitz and me.

I had a great time! :D